Shoal Creek and its Native American History


Shoal Creek was rediscovered in 1977. We say rediscovered because it was at least the second time this particular place has been chosen for its beauty, natural resources, and prime location at the base of Double Oak Mountain. Even at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Double Oak Mountain definitely deserves its title. This mountain slopes down into the Dunnavant Valley where you will find a creek flowing to the north.

The creek here that runs through the 1500 acre property is where early Native Americans lived and hunted on the banks of this namesake creek that runs the length of our over 1,500 acres. It’s not uncommon to find an arrowhead or other artifact if you are walking or looking in the woods.

Pictured below is a tree near the entrance of the Inanda Stables at Shoal Creek. Based on it’s size and estimated age, it could possibly be an old trail marker by Native Americans who were the original residents here. While we aren’t quite certain, it’s an interesting tree for sure. Check out this article and keep an eye out for other trees like it!

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