Shelby County Schools Named Best County School System in Alabama


In last week’s 280 Living article, writer Jon Anderson reported that Randy Fuller, Shelby County Superintendent, announced that the Shelby County school system was the only county system in the state of Alabama to receive an “A,” and (with 20,300 students) it was also by far the largest system to get an “A.” Making the top 12 of 138 school systems in the state, Shelby County was the only county system to receive the same grade as smaller city school systems which have less students and large amounts of funding, such as Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, and Madison.

Shelby County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state, and Superintendent Fuller pointed out that families are seeking to move to areas with great schools. The article highlights other positive statistics: graduation rates, scholar awards, ACT college prep composite test scores, and training initiatives. Fuller acknowledged that the collaborative efforts of teachers, administration, parents, and students, as well as chambers of commerce have led to dynamic changes in the school system over the past 10 years. “It’s a seismic shift in Shelby County schools,” Fuller said.

Click here to read the full 280 Living article published April 6, 2017.