Employee Spotlight (and happy birthday!): David Brown, Resident Services Manager


David Brown

Resident Services Manager

It’s legend at this point–David Brown was on the John Deere tractor, next to Shoal Creek founder, Hall Thompson, that cut the first path that would become Hugh Daniel Drive over Double Oak Mountain.

A Mississippi boy who landed in Alabama, Brown found his dream job and helped shape the Community of Shoal Creek from the beginning, starting work right after Christmas 1976. In his very first months on the job, he walked almost all 1500 acres of property from corner to corner marking property and lot lines for Thompson. He even showed property to the very first residents, helping sell over $150,000 in property, mostly to friends of Hall Thompson, Sr. who came to visit. Add real estate agent to the list of “hats” that Brown has worn at Shoal Creek.

Prior to joining Shoal Creek, Brown studied Landscape Construction at Mississippi State University and later received a Turf Management Certificate from Rutgers University in New York. Brown was hired by Jim Simmons, Shoal Creek’s Golf Superintendent who has also worked here for the past 40 years and recently handed over the reigns to be Project Manager of the recently completed renovations of the course. Word is there’s a friendly competition between Brown and Simmons to see who can be the longest tenured employee. Brown first learned Golf Course Maintenance under Simmons and helped take care of the Club grounds too.

As the Community grew, Brown helped establish the Resident Services department and officially focused on that. “I like that my customers talk to me, because the grass doesn’t really carry on a good conversation,” he says laughingly.  He knows who has lived in each house and for how long, what plants are in the yards and gardens, he knows everyone’s names, and has seen kids grow up and move off to college, coming back with families of their own, others aging and some passing away–it’s a very special place with very special people who live and work here. Dave, as he is called my most, is on the speed dial of pretty much every homeowner in Shoal Creek–he has done just about anything from removing pesky animals and insects, change a lightbulb, help hang or take down this or that, cut a fallen tree off a driveway–“you name it, they call me to fix it or help them out,” he explains, “and I’m happy to help.” He has certainly seen the growth over the years, from the first few homes to now over 110.  It’s safe to say that he has figuratively and literally shaped this place over the years–and Shoal Creek has benefited from his presence and work here.

As manager of the Resident Services department, Brown oversees:

  • weekly garbage and recycling pickup
  • monthly or as-needed vegetative pickup from residents’ homes
  • landscape maintenance of all Shoal Creek Association property and common areas, totaling over 1400+ acres
  • special requests such as outside event preparation or holiday decoration installation
  • Resident Services department employees

Shoal Creek Homeowners Association dues provide these services, with the exception of a per man-hour charge for individual homeowner landscaping services. To find our more of what Shoal Creek has to offer or schedule a visit, call our office at 205.991.4653.

Shoal Creek’s full-time, on-site Resident Services staff is available help you with just about any landscape project you can dream up. Among the many services we provide, below are a few:

  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance
  • Lawn Clippings, Brush, and Debris Removal
  • Trash and Recycling Removal
  • Pest Management
  • Erosion Control Services
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Outdoor Holiday Decoration Installation

Q and A with David Brown:

Where were you born? Born near Jackson, Mississippi on October 26th.

We wish you a very happy birthday and many, many more! 

Tell us about your family. I’m married to Dr. Jayne Perkins Brown, and have two children Katy & Matthew, and 8 grandchildren.

How long have you worked at Shoal Creek? 40 years

What first drew you to your position here? My brother in law heard about the job and it was originally to lay cross ties — the landscaping was an added bonus.

What are three words that describe Shoal Creek? Serene, beautiful… not three words but it’s a gorgeous place to come to work everyday.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would you do? My job really is my dream job, it doesn’t feel like work to me. I love it and wouldn’t want to do anything else.  

What do you like to do on your time off? Fish with my grandkids or maybe take a nap.  

What do you find most challenging about your job as Resident Services Manager? To just juggle and keep up with schedules of all the ongoing projects, homeowners landscape schedules, and other things like weather that’s not in my control. I see things that need to be done and can’t get to them as fast as I’d like.  

What do you like most about your job or the company? The people here.

Do you have a favorite work-related memory or proudest moment on the job here? It sounds bad but it wasn’t. My first wife passed away and I had kids to get off to school, pick up, take care of until I could find someone to do those things and had really been slacking off at work. Mr. Thompson called me out on it and fired me…then immediately said, “let’s find a job for you.” He put me on a project digging ditches around the golf course for a new irrigation system–I got to sit and run heavy machinery all day and it was the most fun I’d ever had. And we dug that irrigation system.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? To pay attention more to things around me–do things to make them prettier, nicer, to leave things better than I found them.

If you wrote about book about your time here, what would the title be? God’s Gift — seriously. I like to come in very early most days, sometimes I’ll go to #14 before the cars start coming in–it’s just beautiful, the mountain, the view, the sunrise. It’s incredible.

What’s your favorite food (or meal)? It changes all the time, Mexican, a good steak. I like it all.

If you could only have one drink for the rest of your life (besides water, of course), what would it be? Sweet tea

What fun fact can you share with us that we would be surprised to know about you? I was a pretty good baseball player and played a year in college.

Do you have a bucket list and what’s on it? Yes, all the great places my wife has been that I haven’t seen–we’d like to see them together.

Favorite TV show – past or present? Any 1950’s western shows

What is your biggest pet peeve? Laziness

Favorite music or band? 70’s rock, ZZ Top for cruisin’ down the interstate